Essay On Factory Farming Is Wrong

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In my paper, I will present the argument Norcross gives on why factory farming is wrong. I will then express why I disagree with the steps leading to Norcross’ conclusion, factory farming is wrong. In Norcross’ argument, he provides us with an analogy about a man named Fred who has to torture puppies in order to taste chocolate. Norcross believes this analogy is representative of factory farming. I disagree with Norcross analogy because I do not think his analogy is an accurate representation of factory farming, and it does not help support his argument. His analogy effects one person, whereas factory farming effects millions. I agree with the segment of Norcross’ argument that says what Fred was doing to the puppies was wrong.…show more content…
Fred would torture the puppies himself every day, and then after six months he would brutally kill them and extract the cocamone from their brain. He did this until he was caught and charged with animal abuse. I believe this is a very reasonable charge for Fred’s actions. Norcross would agree with me, but he would take it one step further. Norcross would proceed by saying that if this is considered animal abuse then every person who is eating factory farmed meat should be charged with the same crime. Norcross argument for this includes three points. Norcross starts his argument by explaining that Fred’s actions are wrong. If Fred’s actions are wrong, the purchasing of factory farmed meat is wrong. Therefore, purchasing factory farmed meat is wrong (Lecture 10/17). Norcross argues that the analogy is similar to factory farming because in both situations the animals are being intensely tortured. They are tortured by living in poor conditions, not being allowed to go outside to roam or use the bathroom, being selectively bred, and being crammed into a shed where there is only enough space for the animal to stand. Another similarity in both the analogy and in factory farming is that the animals are being tortured at the expense of a human’s pleasure. Our pleasure causes the animals to experience bad lives full of pain (Lecture). In both cases, the animals are experiencing
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