Essay On Factory Farming

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Do you know what your meal went through to get to your plate and how it is affecting your day-to-day life? Factory farming is an industrial type operation that uses large quantities of animals to provide food fast and efficiently. Almost all the meats and animal byproducts that we consume, cause harm and pain to the animals as they go through the cycle of factory farming and it might cause issues affecting your health. Factory farming is unethical because the practices are uneconomical, unsanitary, and unnecessary. Factory farming is raising livestock with one intent in mind, which is getting money fast while spending little. They use shortcuts to make production more efficient, but do so without the animal's wellbeing in mind. Some people agree with the prospects of factory farming because they benefit economically. When going to the local grocery store and looking through the meat and egg departments, the costs are lower due to larger scaled farms lowering the…show more content…
We can farm large amount of animals for food and production and not have to treat them bad and use bad practices. We can put rubber tip nubs on the chickens beaks so that they won’t hurt one another pecking. We can put sanitary coating on a cow's tail so that it won’t spread diseases from urine and manure onto the utters. We should pass more laws that will apply to all animals. Everything that was fed and put into your dinner gets put into you, such as growth hormones, artificial food, and unnatural products. Therefore, I believe that we should treat the animals we use during factory farming with a little more respect and not abuse them. In conclusion, factory farming is uneconomical, unsanitary, and unnecessary. factory farming impacts American society by providing millions of animals per year for families all over the US and it is a good source of revenue.We need to do what is right for the animals and help find better ways to use our money and
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