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Why shouldn’t Fahrenheit 451 be banned?
Ban books or burn them? Ray Bradbury wrote his famous novel Fahrenheit 451 in 1953 fantasizing about a world in which books were banned, and when a book was found it was burnt and destroyed. Little did he know that his thought of books being banned could actually happen and that it would be one of his own. Today Fahrenheit 451 is being banned and challenged in schools all across America. How ironic that a book about books being banned is now being banned around the country. A prize winning book by a prize winning author is now being questioned as to whether it is a good book to teach in an English class. Though Fahrenheit 451 may contain controversial elements such as language, discussion of
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There is discussion of being drunk, smoking, violence, overdosing, and using God’s name in vain. At the very beginning of the book the main character, Guy Montag, comes home to find that his wife Mildred passed out from overdosing on her sleeping pills. Though the society is said to consist of a lot of group violence there isn’t an actual scene of the violence, just description. Parents are also challenging this book because of these things. One thing to remember is this is a dystopian fiction book so it is all made up. Knowing the genre should allow students to not take it seriously. There are plenty of books published that consist of way more drugs, drinking, and violence that any kid can go get from their local library to read. If they are going to ban Fahrenheit 451 for their bad activities they may as well start regulating books that kids get from the library.
In Fahrenheit 451 the role of a fireman is opposite of what it is today. In today's time firemen are here to help in emergencies. They are supposed to put out fires. In Fahrenheit 451 everything is fireproof so they aren’t necessarily needed anymore. Books are banned because they are considered useless. The firemen's new job is to burn and destroy any book found. An issue in the book is when the firemen get a call to an old woman’s house that is filled with books. She refuses to let her books burn so she starts the fire herself and burns with the

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