Essay On Fairly Price For Free College

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A Costly Price For Free College A world where currency is obsolete, everything is without a price, and every action has no reaction. What may sound like a dream now could possibly be the future for our families. A world where our children let their college degrees wither away while they work a minimum wage job because that was all that was hiring. A world where the American economy drives into the ground because we are drowning in national debt faster than anyone can bail the water out. To live in a world where the hundreds of thousands of students who are on track to earn a college degree discover the catastrophically small value their college degree will soon be worth sounds like a nightmare. Today’s America is putting citizens at risk…show more content…
Once every individual is given a college education, the job search becomes more vigorous and will thus prohibit many from getting a job. The amount of students that will not be able to use their college degree in the real world, provided if college is free, is unfathomable. “Those lucky enough to graduate face another hurdle: 44 percent of recent college graduates occupy jobs which do not require a college degree. Taken together, these numbers suggest that only one-third of college enrollees emerge from the system with both a degree and a relevant job” (Cooper). Moreover, Cooper explains that students will have limited job opportunities if there is too much competition in their desired field. Consequently, it now becomes a rarity for a student to pursue and achieve the exact career of which they desire when the competition escalates dramatically. Not every person can be a doctor, not because they do not have the capability, but because America does not need that many doctors. If all colleges and universities were free, the amount of people attending would significantly increase, causing the already intense career-competition to become notably more competitive as well as increasingly more difficult. Branching off from the concept of over-crowding the playing field, the increase in college diplomas would significantly decrease their value. Preston Cooper perfectly explains this in his article “The Problems Free College Won’t Solve”: Advocates of
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