Essay On Family Stereotypes

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Living in Texas, you are exposed to stereotypes. The horses and cowboy boots and barbecue. When you go up North, and a “y’all” slips out of your mouth everyone knows: you’re from the Great State of Texas. The cowboys, however, aren’t the only stereotypes you get.
Growing up Hispanic, I always understood when people spoke in Spanish, when people loved Christmas time for the tamales, and how entering a family gathering takes an eternity because you MUST greet everyone. I experience these things, it’s a part of my culture. Although when most people look at me, they don’t believe it, simply because I don’t “fit” the stereotype.
“You’re Mexican?! You’re so pale.” “I thought you were white.” Yeah, I’ve heard it all before. Apparently a pale, brown hair, blue-eyed girl can not be half Hispanic. When my cousins, aunts and uncles come to events, and my friends see me with them, I get puzzled looks simply because we are
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Many teenagers don’t realize that a lot of family traditions, not only come from your cultural backgrounds, but truly teach you life lessons, and create a lens of which you can see the world through. From my family’s culture, I’ve developed a lens as well. This lens allows me to see individuals the way they are, and wish to identify themselves, not how stereotypes or judgments portray them. Even though my dad is of Irish and German descent, and I may “fulfill” that stereotype with my looks, I wish for people to not use my looks to identify me. I am proud of my mixed heritage, just as I hope others can find pride in theirs. I wouldn’t want to change who I am or where I come from, especially since it has taught me to view people objectively. With this lesson in mind, I strive to break down the stereotypes and judgments I see around me, whether that’s reminding my peers to not make judgments on others first, asking people’s stories to learn about them myself, or proving people’s judgments on me
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