Essay On Fat-Tax Law

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Introduction: The Minister of Health of Canada has created a new law which targets those who have health concerns due to obesity. This law is meant to deal with the aging population and the increase of cases of obesity. While, also being concerned on age and obesity, the increase of demand for health care became a factor in the creation of this law. The Fat-Tax Law, the maximum waistline size for anyone age 40 and over: 90 centimeters (35.5 inches) for men and 85 centimeters (33.4 inches ) for women. If one surpasses these limits they must be remeasured in 6 months and given a warning. But, the person does not pass a second time, they must pay a higher premium on their provincial health care. Once they pass the measurement test, the y will be able to pay a lower premium. Mr. Big is 56 years old and 50lbs overweight, and he failed the waistline test. For six months, Mr. Big dieted and workout to be able to fit within the accepted range. However, the extreme pressure to lose weight caused Mr.Big to have anxiety and sleeplessness which affected his…show more content…
It is seen that having this law in placed that there is a decreased in the amount of obese cases due to that citizens do not want to pay a higher premium for their healthcare because of their waistline is too big. The law does do its job in decreasing the amount of obesity cases, it does not take in the amount of suffering citizens have to go through to enable they are safe from the increase of payment. The purpose is carried out but, there needs to be a change in how the law is presented. The rational connection between the measure and its intended purpose is there yet, there is more that comes with it. The amount of setback from the negativity from inputting this law in everyday life is belittling the effort taken by the Ministry to establish a healthy
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