Essay On Feminist Approaches To Family Studies

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Feminist approaches to family studies allows us to question the biological, emotional and legal notions of the family that has been so embedded in us that we often take those beliefs for granted. Challenging the biological assumption that women are the provided for since early human history, Shehan (2009) mentions that feminist scholars are confronting the dominant ideologies that see men as the primary provider for the family by their claim in “that the plant materials women gathered constituted at least 70% of the diet consumed by the earliest human groups. This suggests that ‘woman the gatherer’ rather than ‘man the hunter’ was the major provider” (p.5). Disputing against the emotional notions of hegemonic groups that parents only show affection towards their own child, Leacock (2014) argues that the Montagnais-Naskapi people’s feelings toward every child of their own tribe is equal as…show more content…
Biological notions should not assert their ideas based on evolutionary claims, but rather consider the actual lived experiences of women’s role and ability in performing tasks are in the household. Mainstream emotional notions should be examined so that they don’t come to dominate how we express our feelings towards the people we care about. Such notions are sometimes problematic in that they single out distant kin members or close friends that we equally love, but feel constrained to care for them because they are not our immediate family members. Lastly, legal notions of who should constitute as family members should be deconstructed since the notion of family is a social construction itself. Having the agency to define our own family members gives us the autonomy to include important people in our life even if we might not have any blood related
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