Essay On Festival Of The Sun

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It was the warmest time of the year when the days lingered and the nights were fleeting when the Festival of the Sun took place and the lives of the Egyptians changed forever. Once a year, our Sun god, Ra, was commemorated, as he was the creator of the world. As we desired for a way to express our gratitude to him for the bountifulness of our crops, the Festival of the Sun was devised. The Festival of the Sun is a sacred tradition in which we worship Ra at our sacred temples, and hold ritual sacrifices to thank him for our prosperity. What was supposed to be a celebratory event, quickly turned into a horror story and became a part of our history that we would like to leave forgotten. “Gather around everyone,” bellowed Neferu our leader…show more content…
The sixth person stepped up when suddenly something peculiar occurred. The sky darkened, and it appeared as though the Sun was being swallowed by the Moon. “Ahhh!” Went the panicked blood-curdling screams of the men and women that surrounded us. “Ra is upset with us and will punish us!” shrieked out a man next to my ear, as all around there was instant panic. The four people who were to be punished were pushed down roughly by people running around hysterically. You could hear their pained groans and the crunch of their bones as they tumbled down. Several unsuspecting people were pushed off the hill as offerings to Ra as people assumed he was blanketing the day with darkness because he was upset at the little amount offerings he was given. In a minute you could smell the metallic scent of blood and the pile of bodies that was building up at the foot of the hill. Nothing seemed to work, and it appeared that the day was growing darker and darker with every second ticking by. Maybe Ra was upset by all the bloodshed I thought, as people stumbled and crashed into me. That was the only logical thought I could come up with amidst this chaos. “Perhaps Ra is outraged at all the fatalities that are taking place,” I shouted. “Everyone always talks about how he cares so much about us and that’s why he helps us, but today we didn’t care for each other, instead
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