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He 'd probably watched Fight Club one too many times growing up, both the novel and the film had a marked impact on Trent 's band and indeed his public persona. It 'd been a rocky road for him to reach that place, and the character that he played was one born from necessity. Trent 's father was a lifelong biker, and the president of a prominent outlaw MC in California. The man sold drugs, pimped out girls and did a little bit of everything and he 'd been a convict for much of his son 's early years. As a result, Trent was forced to grow up in group homes, and abuse from his caretakers and older children hardened the boy, by the time his dad got out, he was a teenager and the two reconnected with Trent frequently getting into violent…show more content…
Much of the band 's direction came from him, and he was the de facto leader of the group. There were two brothers in the group, both were Mexican-Americans and they 'd lived their entire lives in the L.A area just as Trent had. They were the drummer and one of the guitarists respectively. The white guy was named Jackson and he was a longtime friend of Trent 's and another one of the guitarists, he was an especially liberal minded giant of a guy that stood about 6 '8" and was covered head to toe in tattoos. Of everyone in the group, he was the most hardcore against any sort of racism and before blowing big, his claim to fame was being televised nationally at a riot, where he punched a Nazi sympathizer in the face quite hard. He drank like a fish, but was otherwise a sweetheart with a new family of his own, and Trent was proud to be godfather to his twins. Their bassist was Trent 's cousin Reggie who had come from a family of musicians. In addition they had two more members, one was an Asian-American young man who everyone called kid and the other was a black woman who was petite but probably the most volatile in temperament which was saying something. They were there to add texture to the sound and both handled similar duties of sampling, keyboards, percussion and turntables. The kid 's background was in Hip-Hop initially, and he 'd been a very popular DJ at a number of clubs before signing on, while The Female Of The Species as she liked to

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