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“State Champion Zimmerman Looking for More in 2017,” read the title of an article explaining my goals and ambitions heading into my Junior running season. Before last spring, Hazen High School Girls Track held two consecutive team championships, I was the defending 200-meter dash State Champion, and our relays had an impressive winning streak as well. I came into that track season with high goals, keeping them in mind every day during training. I prepared myself, both physically as well as mentally, for two days at the end of May: State Track. Before I knew it, that weekend came, and I was determined to cross the finish line before anyone else.
I woke up Saturday morning excited, yet incredibly nervous. Prelims were the day before, and
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I knew that I had a battle for the finish ahead of me, for I was going to have the defending champion on my right. Lined up behind our blocks, we kept moving and tried to calm our nerves as the announcer spoke.
“In lane four with the fastest time coming into finals, from Hazen, Grace Zimmerman.”
Without time to think, the gun went off and we ran the first curve with sheer determination. Once we reached the 200-meter mark, my legs already burned, my mouth was beyond dry, but I was slightly ahead. When we rounded the final corner, the crowd roared with yells when they saw my competition and I were neck and neck. We put our heads down and barreled into the strong winds even though we could no longer feel our legs nor see straight ahead. With five meters remaining, we both started to lean for the finish line with hopes of being a champion. We crossed the finish, collapsed out of exhaustion, and looked up at the board to see who won. She cried of joy, I put my head down in disappointment. Nine hundredths of a second separated first and second place. Both of us ran the race of our lives, the fastest as well as the most fun and competitive. I had to be proud of myself for the fact that I gave my all. Plus, I knew the day still had much more in store.
Once my legs were recovered and I got some food and water in me, I began preparing for my upcoming event, which was my favorite one of all: the 200-meter dash. Once again, I found
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