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Do you agree with the view that it was largely as a result of the work of Florence Nightingale that medical care for British soldiers improved during the Crimean War? (24 marks) Florence Nightingale was a very influential figure both during and after the Crimean War, not always for her work in medicine. Medical care improved for British soldiers during the Crimean War both due to Nightingale and other factors such as the Sanitation Commission. In the years surrounding the Crimean War, many aspects of medicine were underdeveloped- there was no form of anesthetic (except being knocked out, which could lead to a bad headache), and surgery was considered a great risk for the subject, due to a great privation of cleanliness and many surgeons lack of personal hygiene. When Nightingale arrived at the hospital in Scutari in 1854, the doctors didn't know she was coming with her band of nurses, as a result they were unprepared and even unwelcoming of the nurses’ arrival. She was greeted by over 2000 sick and injured men, spanning around 4 miles of corridors on beds that were 18 inches apart, and the rotting corpse of a Russian in her…show more content…
Despite these beneficial aspects to her work, it is important to note Florence didn’t have a significant influence till after the war; she became an iconic figure and professionalised nursing, it is arguable that to an extent she was famous during the war, but this only had political and social impacts, as opposed to medical ones. In conclusion, during the war Florence did little for the progression of care, due to her focus on power as well as her fundamentally flawed beliefs such as miasma, so her work was not largely responsible for the improvements in medicine care for British
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