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Introduction: We as human beings already acknowledge that we create a ton of waste and there are many different approaches that we have taken to help minimize them and to dispose of the wastes correctly. Over the years things such as recycling has become more of a common thing, especially here within Fort Collins. Wastes can come in many different forms ranging from human waste to food waste and so much more. In result these different types of wastes usually cause negative impacts on our environment, such as a depletion in the ozone layer, the destruction of an ecosystem, and the overall downgrade of the Earth’s health. Yet as a result groups, programs, and campaigns, such as Save Your Food, have arisen to the spotlight to help fix certain problems like food wastage. Problem: The national average of food waste produced by the U.S. sits at a staggering 20%, whereas Fort Collins sits at 23%. Save Your Food campaign advocates for families to learn about food waste and the effect food waste has on their lives and the environment. Save Your Food campaign focuses on residents that live in Fort Collins only. With food waste comes the waste of money, water and labor. Food wastes also increase greenhouse gas emissions. The food waste in landfills produces a large amount of methane which is more powerful than CO2 when it comes to depleting the ozone layer. To prevent further food wastage, we need to educate the Fort Collins community on food waste and reach out to

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