Essay On Foreign Aid

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Many influential thinkers view foreign aid as one of the best tools for eradicating poverty. However, my aim is to prove this belief wrong by demonstrating that if the capital is given to the wrong types of government then it works to further perpetuate inequalities. Nations thrive only when they establish inclusive governments—ones that promote free markets that permit citizens to not only spend freely but also to invest to promote the flow of capital. On the other hand, governments that use authority to consolidate power in the hand of only a few, such as one in Mexico, may show some economic growth but at the cost of the well-being of the majority.
The city of Nogales is divided in half by a fence. While Nogales, Arizona is situated in
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How can two areas of essentially the same city have so many discrepancies? Evidently, geography, climate, food, and diseases (in forms of germs) are identical. Some might argue that health care is different; nevertheless, that argument is not relevant to the disease environment. A plausible reason for why the people of the south suffer from more diseases is simply because they lack sanitation and decent health care system, which are determined by man-made institutions.
Could one argue then that the inhabitants of Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora have different ancestors? No, they do not. After Mexico’s independence from the Spanish Empire in 1821, the area around the two Nogales belonged to the Mexican state of Vieja California (Acemoglu 2012). I maintain that it is the human-made border that serves as the sole explanation for these differences in qualities of lives. Since northern Nogales is in the Unites States, its citizens can obtain the benefits of economic institutions of the United States that allow them to freely choose their career, get skills and schooling, and invest in technology, which results in higher wages and profit. More importantly, they have direct access to political institutions that ensure their participation in democratic processes; consequently, popularly elected officials provide services ranging from law and order to sanitations systems. Citizens of Nogales, Sonora, on the other hand, face a different reality. This leads
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