Essay On Forensic Evidence

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In America, our court system is based on the right to a fair, unbiased trial, assuming the innocence of men and women until proven otherwise by evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. This evidence can come in many different types. This evidence can come from witnesses, the crime scene, or even the victim themselves. Probably the most convincing and hardest to refute of these types of evidence is forensic evidence, or hard evidence. In the essay “Forensic Science: Evidence, Clues, and Investigation”, by Andrea Campbell, the author explains and provides evidence for why she believes that hard evidence is most important type of evidence to use during a trial, and in this essay we will be analyzing that passage and discussing the major ideas and beliefs held by the author about forensic science. But first, it must be explained in more depth what hard evidence is. In the words of the author, hard evidence is “any tangible article or object of any kind,” (p.6).…show more content…
His largest reason why he believes it to be important and relevant is that it is almost completely unbiased. How can a fingerprint choose a side? How can DNA and genetic information have an opinion? While people can be dishonest or misguided, and provide misinformation, it goes as the author says. “hard evidence will not get confused or become frightened. And unlike criminals, it will not make up stories or lie.” In conclusion, in this article, the author thoroughly described why he believed forensic evidence to be the most important type of evidence in the legal system. Forensic evidence is the most important type of evidence because it is unbiased and helps to reconstruct a crime scene. It can’t hold opinions. It can’t choose who it supports. It simply explains what occurred and why, and that is truly the most important information to know in a court
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