Essay On Francisco Goya

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Francisco Goya is one of the most remarkable artists of the eighteenth century. Born in the village of Fuendetodos in Spain, Goya grew up to become an inspirational painter after pursuing his studies in art. Goya began working for the Spanish royal court and created several works that were a criticism to the political and social problems of the contemporary era. He won several commissions from the royal court after establishing his esteem as a portrait artist. During the period of enlightenment, the artistic works of Goya were prominent throughout Spain. Goya introduced royal workshops, which spanned over four monarchies. He painted several cartoons and haunting scenes for the royal palaces. Goya’s tapestries glorify the leisure activities of the young, rich and poor. His etchings are a resemblance of the royal elite class. Most of Goya’s paintings capture the sensitivity of artistic techniques through brushstrokes. Some of Goya’s artistic works introduce to the audience, a world of ghosts, witches and other creatures, which invade the mind and include nightmarish visions.
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The painting was a true indication of the actions, which took place when one of the fiercest fights at Hotel de Ville. Although the painting is not a depiction of the Partisan revolution, it was visually striking by capturing the excitement of the event. The painting was a potent symbol of the struggle for liberty. Painted in the backdrop of cannon smoke, the personification of the painting is a combination of both real and ideal. In Liberty Leading the People, the woman wears a red cap on her head, which symbolizes freedom. The red cap was a symbol of the first French revolution, which was an emblem of freed slaves. The bare breasted woman holds a tricolor in one hand and a musket in the other, and appears as half goddess and half
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