Essay On Frankenstein A Warning To Science

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Jason Nalley
English 12 -2nd period
5 December 2016 Frankenstein a warning to science? Gene mutations have become very helpful in todays time. If your child has a disorder when they are born then doctors can take that certin gene out and put a helathy one in its place. Every year smoking causes 150 new dna mutations. Each generation has roughly 140 mutations. Mary Shelly wrote a book called frankenstein and it is a warning to science. it is a warning to science because of the power of nature, forbidden knowledge, and the role of god shouldn’t be played by anyone except him. The power of nature can be stronger than you think. “Waldman has the monster strapped to gurney and is holding
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“The villagers armed with torches clubs, and farm implements gather to hunt the monster” ( Constantakis, par.20). If Frankenstein wouldn’t have wanted to create a mutation none of the deaths or injuries would have happened. Waldman wouldn’t have been strangled and the little girl by the lake wouldn’t have been thrown in and drowned. ( Constantakis, par.17). The role of god shouldn’t be played by anyone except him.” The gurney is raised through the hole in the roof during a fierce lightning storm, until lightning strikes a rod beside it. When it is lowered, they watch, fearing that the experiment is a failure, until Frankenstein notices that the body’s hand is moving on its own. He’s alive! Frankenstein shouts with joy, now I know what it feels like to be a god.” ( Constantakis, par.7). Somethings aren’t supposed to be created because of issues that they would cause if they were created and Frankenstein’s monster is one of those things. Forbidden knowledge and the power of nature can amount to more than you think they could. Therefore you shouldn’t play the role of god and create something out of parts of other humans and especially when you don’t know how they will react or what they would
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