Essay On Free Daycare In High School

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Do you think high schools should provide free daycare during school hours for the students with children? If students don´t have someone to watch their baby while they go to school most likely the students will drop out of school to take care of their baby. So if high schools have free daycare the students can go to school and be a mom. Most jobs don't take high school dropouts because they don't have a high school diploma so therefore the mom won't be able to provide for her baby and buy the baby what it needs. Usually the child of a teen parent become a teen parent themselves and drop out of school because they saw their mom/dad drop out so therefore the child needs to see their parent(s) graduate and have someone to be a good role model for them.

The teen birth rate reached a historic low at 34.4 births per 1,000 females aged 15-19 in 2010, a 9 percent decline from 2009, according to the Centers for Disease Control and
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They exit the ¨baby bus¨ and enter the day-care program with their children cradled in one arm, and their book bags in the other. For teens who have children, a day-care center like Prince George´s County high school would offer a chance for the teen parent to stay in school and earn a diploma while getting help with the daily responsibilities of having a baby. Some teen parents in Arlington County, who are referred by social services and school counselors, are moved off campus to a county building where they learn parenting skills and earn a high school diploma. Leroy Pointer, whose mother dropped out of school after having him at 17, said he sees the benefits of programs such as the one his teenage daughter, Naomi, and his grandson, Jeremiah, have been able to use at Northwestern. Most of the nursery program care for about 10 children while their parent(s) attend
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