Essay On Freedom And Freedom In Brave New World

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Emotional and Personal Freedom vs Peace and Control Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, is a compelling story about a futuristic world called the World State, where humans are manufactured and conditioned to behave in the way the World Leaders want them to. Bernard Marx is an outcast of the society because he does not agree with the teachings of the State. So, when he visits the savage reservation and meets John, they connect over what their thoughts of what a society should look like. Conditioning the society to believe what the leaders want them to believe, keeps the civilization free of anger and violence, but is a peaceful society worth the sacrifice of individuality and free will? The World State society’s deepest flaw is how it deprives its population of any emotional or personal freedom in an attempt to keep peace and control. Ridding its people of all personal emotions and beliefs means taking away love, in both a familial and relationship way, new ideas and ambition being forbidden, and free speech being completely non-existent. These are some of the most important qualities of life that make it so impactful, and by taking these things away, the World State is depriving its people of the most raw and meaningful parts of life. The biggest effect of keeping the society free of strong emotions, is the elimination of love, and deep, meaningful relationships. For example, by manufacturing and conditioning every single person, they turn the idea of families into something
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