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Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter who did self-portraits and is considered a feminist icon. She is one of the most important female artists of the twentieth century. She originally wanted to become a doctor, but a bus accident left her unable to do so. I chose this artist and this painting because she painted herself with one eyebrow and a wispy moustache. I thought to myself “amazing!” A rich looking woman sporting a monobrow and moustache! I was stunned and intrigued. I thought to myself, she must be an interesting person to have such things and live in the early 1900s. And thus, I found my topic for Art Appreciation. Frida didn't have any formal training but she developed her artistic skills and later would influence people and…show more content…
Adding the white highlights to the black makes it looks ruffled, full, and a smooth, satin material. The lower part of the dress is almost all white except for the light lines of grey and black to give it a ruffled appearance. The bottom is drawn with a single, thin, wavy line in a half circle to give it a full look. The top of her dress is black with small, white dots to indicate beads or another kind of decoration. The sides are gold with white tints. The golden, thin, curved lines look like embroidery. The silver necklace is a delicate, straight line and has a grey tint. On her neck is a small, jeweled necklace. Her jewelry stands out on her bronze skin and the black dress. Hanging from one of her ears is a large, blue feather earring. It is painted with lots of small, thin lines to indicate the fluffiness of a feather. It’s light at the top that gradually becomes darker. Her body is facing the left side and which is noticeably darker than the left. Her lips are a bright red with a small fleck of white paint added for highlight. There also appears to be, what looks like a small, yellow flower above it. The cigarette she’s holding is in contrast to her black dress. The cigarette holder is a thin, white line and the cigarette is a small, thicker white line. In her dark hair, there are small, white strokes for her ribbon. It looks smooth and possibly made of silk. Her brown chair is has a darker shade on the

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