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Out of all of Bob Dylan’s songs recorded on the album Highway 61 Revisited, the song “From a Buick 6” stands apart from the rest of the songs concerning his attitudes towards the female characters. The effect of recognizing this song as uniquely distinct from the others, conveys Dylan’s emotions towards his female acquaintances he has come in contact with in his life and the negative impacts they had on his life. The most prominent aspect of the song is the character choice and their actions towards the main character of the story. Compared to the other songs the women that Dylan details are perceived to be either reckless women, prostitutes, and selfish women. The women encountered in the songs leave the reader with the feeling empty and bitter towards them. In “From a Buick 6” he focuses on the women he calls “soulful mama” who is essentially his guardian angel by the way he describes her. In each stanza…show more content…
In “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” he comes across Saint Annie, who leaves him with a sexually transmitted disease, which is indicated in line 15-16 “And my best friend the doctor won’t even say what I got.” Even before the damage she caused him was mentioned he says in line 10 “Please tell her thanks a lot” which is intended to be a form of mockery and that he is resentful towards her and soon after he meets Sweet Melinda who is alluded to be a prostitute in line 20 “And she invites you up to her room.” In the song “Tombstone Blues” he introduces “The hysterical bride in the penny arcade” (line 15) and then it is revealed that she has contracted an STD in line “My advice is to not let the boys in.” From this the reader can infer that this woman has have sexual relations with other men. Dylan chooses to describe her as a bride because it contradicts with the idea that she is committing herself to a man she is engaged
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