Essay On Gap Year

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Johana Paulino
Mrs. Schnorr
English II Honors- 3A
08 May 2017
“Gap Year: Yes or No?”
It’s your last year of high school, the year to sit back and relax. After 12 years of hard work, your senior year should be the easiest and least stressing year. Turns out, senior year can be one of the most stressful years, this is the year when you plan out your future! That 's why every decision matters. Therefore, students should take a year off before entering college. They are many benefits to taking a gap year. It recharges your academic battery, offers amazing opportunities, and it helps you discover your true passion.
To begin, contrary to popular belief, taking a gap year does not discourage students from pursuing a higher education. Most
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Many gap year students specifically take a break from school to visit or live in another region of the world. Exploring different cultures, learning new things, and having fun are one of the many benefits that traveling comes with. Many people taking a gap year use this time to learn another language in a different country. The experience can also inspire new interests that can influence your choice of profession. Ninety percent of gap year students reported to have developed a greater understanding of other countries, cultures and peoples.
In addition, this experience can benefit you in other ways too. Gap years can acquire you with many experiences that can spark up your resume. According to a survey conducted by YouGov in 2011, 53% of HR professionals agreed that a constructive gap year makes a job application stand out. Employers often view those who decide to take a gap year as more employable because of the skills that they acquire abroad. In a sense, they are more prepared to enter the working world than those without the experience.
Furthermore, many senior students still don 't know what they want to be when they grow up. Not knowing what major you want to pursue may mean you need to explore options in the world prior to beginning your college career. A gap year allows you to follow your interests and discover what you truly enjoy. In a study shown by AGA, 77 % of “gappers” believed that taking a gap year has greatly impacted their career
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