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A deep description is drawn for Gemmy in the novel, that explains the changes he went through, while living with the aborigines. He was a man who had suffered a good deal of damage. There were scorch marks on his chest and arms where he had rolled into a camp fire, and signs that he had, at one time or another, taken a fair bit of knocking about. One of his eyebrows was missing. Strange how unimportant eyebrows can be, as long as there two of them. it gave his face a smudged appearance. He had the baffled, half-expectant look of a mongrel that has been often whipped but still turns to the world, out of some fund of foolish expectancy, as a source of scraps as well as torments. His joints were swollen and one leg was shorter than the other (7).…show more content…
The minister "Mr. Frazer" and the school headmaster " George Abbot" take Gemmy to the school to write what he can remember of his past, and the days he lived with the The blacks "It was the minister, Mr Frazer, who examined him in the hot little one- roomed schoolhouse, and the schoolmaster, George Abbot, who did the writing up" (14). When Gemmy was cast away sixteen years ago, the aborigines think that he is a sea creature. "what was it ? A sea-creature of a kind they had never seen before from the depths beyond the reef? A spirit, a feeble one, come back from the dead and only half reborn?" (20). The settlers as well as the natives, when they first saw Gemmy, they think that he is a creature or an animal. Gemmy is a symbol of interaction between two different cultures. The difference or the uncommon to a certain culture is simply a deviation and
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