Essay On Gender Equality In The Military

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The Military Needs to Have Gender Equality
No matter your race, gender, or any other of your characteristics of yourself should not matter when someone is making a decision about you. So women should be treated just as men are when in the military. Decisions should be based off of facts and data about them, not their gender. Men and women have walked side by side ever since they have been on planet Earth, so why are men seen as superior or held at a higher standard? Some reasons why we have to enforce gender equality in the military are the following sentences. Women are a part of the military. Serving in the military is not about gender, it is if you meet all the standards. And they tension between men and women doesn’t rise.
America is land of the free and home of the brave. Is that just for men are are women allowed to fight for freedom and be brave by fighting in the military? Women should be able to give back to America by any way they see fit, for many it is serving in the military. Even though they are a total of fifteen percent or the military overall, that is over 200,000 women. Women stand for a little under twenty percent of the air force and seventeen percent of the navy. Whats is the point to force women into the military if women volunteeringly want to. The actress Gal Gadot, or you might know her as Wonder Woman, served in the military as a combat trainer. When interviewed she was asked about her military training, this is what she said. “When you reach 18,
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