Essay On Gender Equality

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Women rights are the prerogative for women and girls in this world. These gender clichés need to be annihilated because people are blinded by the truth that is right in front of them. Women, especially in the Western culture, are looked upon more for the gender in which they are born than for what they can actually do. Women’s abilities tend to be overlooked just because of their gender, and it is assumed that they cannot do as much as men can.
In Singapore, women are facing numerous signs of being less than men. Author Trina Liang-Lin wrote, “As we celebrate International Women's Day and as Singapore turns 50, my hope is that women here will continue to fight for their equality and will not be afraid to ask and confront tough gender questions and environments. For only with gender equality, will the other Singapore ideals - democracy, peace, progress and justice - be fully realized” (Liang-Lin 46). Here, the author is talking about making sure the rights women have stay for them. In Singapore, women have gained more rights and are now able to step out of the modern “house wife” job and get a real job or education. “Although, statistically shown, men of the age 51-54 make 40,000 more working the exact same job as women.” (Liang-Lin 32) Although Singapore has tried to better how women are treated, there are still plenty of gender gaps. To fix these gaps, the UPR, otherwise known as the Universal Periodic Review, launched a law in 2006 that forces United Nation countries to
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