Essay On Gender Roles In Disney Movies

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Disney as a producer of films and tv programs is one of if not the most known media brand in the world, everyone either has seen or knows about a Disney movie. This is quite a large audience for a company to have the ability to influence. These films do all have positive messages that come from them but unfortunately due to this large audience critics have began to notice a pattern in the presentation of the films and believe that Disney's seeming innocent nature is not just that when these films are viewed more in depth. It is seen that the genders in the film are all portrayed in the same manner, females having to be kind caring, built with a small waist and that their sole purpose is to find a man and succumb to his needs. Males must be…show more content…
Most are positive on the surface but when looked at more in depth some have seen to have a negative influence, thus how this idea of gender roles has been brought into view. For all three main characters in the film, Belle, The Beast and Maurice are all neglected and talked down upon for being disparate to everyone else present in the village. Belle for not throwing herself into a Gaston's arms and for her ability to read. The Beast for him looking the way he does and Maurice for seeming like a loonatic. We first see Belle receive discrimination for reading right at the beginning of the film Above the surface one message that Disney was purposely trying to get across by having these characters neglected was to show that us as people should accept those who are different and that if you seem different you can still find happiness even in the darkest of times. These are all very well and sweet but are difficult to figure out without thinking about it and this is where the gender role issues ally, as the messages picked up by children are not all that of what have been mentioned but more how not to be if you want to fit in. As a child you hear the town singing about
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