Essay On Gender Roles In Leadership Roles

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Kelly O’Neill Professor Thomsen PSC 319 15 November 2017 Gender Plays No Role in Leadership Websites Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Kevin McCarthy are two incredibly influential members of the House of Representatives. McCarthy is the Majority Leader for the republicans on the House floor, and Pelosi is the Democratic Leader that represents the democrats on the House floor. Both representatives are highly qualified and respected leaders in their parties. According to Lawless and Fox, there is a strong male culture in the House of Representatives (Lawless and Fox 27). In fact, Pelosi is one of only two women in the House, making up a quarter of republican and democratic leadership. Despite that fact, I argue that gender does not play a role in…show more content…
He even has a newsletter to keep up with the work he is doing in Congress, and to share how it may affect his constituents. In comparison to Pelosi’s website, McCarthy offers a more personal side of himself. He has a “services” tab that offers his constituents help that they may need. The issues that Rep. Pelosi lists as important to her include campaign finance, reform and voting rights, jobs and economy, immigration reform, energy and environment, innovation agenda 2.0, women’s economic agenda, veterans, gun violence prevention, democracy and human & civil rights, education, and health care. According to Lawless and Fox, women are significantly more likely than men to be concerned with issues regarding abortion, education, health care, gay rights, and environment (Lawless and Fox 93). Although I could not find anything on Pelosi’s website that specifically related to abortion, all of the other “women’s issues” that Lawless and Fox cite are included in Pelosi’s website. However, the same is the case with McCarthy’s website. He lists all of the “women’s issues,” such as education, health care, and the environment as important to him. The only noticeably different issues Pelosi has on her website include gay rights and women’s economic agenda. I would expect a female representative to include the issue of women’s economic agenda. However, I believe the issue of gay rights can be attributed to Pelosi’s progressive party views rather
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