Essay On Gentrification Of Art

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Subject to change is our modern world. To place a public artwork with a certain social commentary may not be politically correct in a decade. If someone were to build a wall in New York, to discuss the ridiculousness of Trump’s big idea, then would that still stand after his presidency? How is one to really judge whether or not a community would agree with a public work being placed? Whether something as dramatic as the work above is placed or not, the people who populate a sector are supposedly going to relate to the work somehow. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have gotten approved. However, the issue of gentrification is present. If an area known for its mentally ill population has an art piece advocating for awareness, and suddenly the yuppies want it removed from the area for showing the uglier side of life, then it gets sticky. This selectivity creates carves communities, and creates something as narrow as a small town in a big city. Coming from a tiny town in the middle of rural nowhere, the amount of racism, political and economic divides I’ve faced is astounding. To keep up this image of a neat…show more content…
The term art itself is uncertain. I propose that design should be used in lieu of it. It’s a stronger term than art. Nobody would say that something is “low-design” or “high-design,” or argue that it’s only for a hipster cafe. Design cannot be invalidated since everything, in essence, is design. Not everyone would call a billboard art, but it was designed to advertise a product, or how a human face was designed by nature—but not always is it art. The identity of who an artist is, whether classified as someone making zines out of their Brooklyn studio, or a depressed painter living in the Dutch countryside, makes room for too many stereotypes and generalizations. Regardless of the skewered definition, both the designer and the commissioner need to work together to address the social, economic, and political aspects of our
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