Essay On Gilgamesh Class

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Each grade (whether middle school, high school, or college) should help you discover a new goal for yourself. Some teachers will be there to assist you in taking new measures and pushing yourself to higher limits and some won’t. I, unfortunately, had a teacher who didn’t. Her name was Mrs. Orr and all we did in her class was read short stories such as Gilgamesh and Beowulf and write worksheets on them.
I never truly understood the meaning of writing an essay. Well, that is, until I came to college. Right away I was given a writing portfolio. Most people in the class knew what that meant but I didn’t and that made me feel as if I shouldn’t be there. But I decided that I won’t give up. I want to get farther than anyone in my family. Which should be easier since no one in my family went to college. I had plenty of problems in the beginning of the year because I was new to the idea of living on my own and providing for myself. I wasn’t familiar with all of the work that I had to do in such a short time. Which made adjusting to college difficult
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Wessels class so far; narrative, diagnostic and reflective. The Narrative essay is where I contained the most difficulty. We had to write about a significant thing that happened in our past. I’m not fond of writing stories about my past since I had problems that occurred and every time I think about my past it takes me back to place where even demons wouldn’t want to be. The diagnostic essay was suitable considering it was my first. We basically had to write about what rules should be added to the code of conduct. It was actually the easiest of the three. Speaking of, the last essay we had to do was the one I’m doing now. Reflective essay. This one was a reflection of how we were in high school versus how we are now pertaining to English class and essays. I didn’t have a lot to say since (as I mentioned before) my high school teachers never had us to do any real
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