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Glee is a musical-comedy drama TV series that revolves around the glee club in William McKinley High School. The show follows the members of the glee club through their high school lives, such as academic, romantic relationship and friendships and bullying. Glee was perhaps one of the most racially-diverse shows. In glee club, there are 12 kids: seven white, two Asian Americans, two African-Americans and a Hispanic. Given the fact that one of the white kid is gay while the other one is on a wheelchair also makes the show socially diverse. Even though the show seems diverse, it nonetheless fails to resist the temptation to revolve around the white characters more. For example, the Hispanic girl named Santana has no line until episode 11. The two Asian Americans in glee club – Tina and Mike, similar to Santana, have barely no line as well. In the first episode Pilot, Tina only has two lines, which are “we’re d-d-doomed” and “I-I…”, extracted from below: Finn: “Tina! What are you good at?”…show more content…
It is perhaps the first time Chinese is spoken throughout the show. Mr. Chang tells the principal that he wants Mike to stop dancing since he got an A- and according to his understanding, “An A- is an Asian F” (Glee). The portrayal of Mr. Chang strengthens the stereotype of tiger parents who force their kids to learn different musical instruments and attend tutorial classes. Even though Mike’s father does not allow Mike to continue to pursue his dream in dancing, his mother on the other hand, is more understanding and supportive. His mother visits him when he practices in a dance studio, tells him that “don’t give up on your dreams like I did”. When his mother was young, because of livelihood, she had no choice but to give up on her dream. Now that they do not have to worry about livelihood anymore, she encourages Mike to continue to do what he wants, despite his father’s disapproval. This episode ends on a rather happy and positive
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