Essay On Gmo Products

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Probably a lot of people know that GMO products are harmful and here can’t be used any pretext. And if to ask people what are products containing GMOs, most likely, they will say that this is something not real, obtained through mutations and so on. Fortunately or unfortunately this topic is now widely publicized. There are disputes, rallies, but what are we actually dealing with? First of all, I want to explain how the genetically modified organisms (GMO) are created. When breeding, gene transfer is carried out only between plants and their immediate relatives, and genetic engineering also allows the genes of an organism to be introduced into the plant. For example, potatoes with sea fish genes such as flounder, wheat with…show more content…
For example, the proof of serious risks to human health are scientific research, or rather the experiments of Ermakova Irina. She is a neuroscientist at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. Ermakova studied the effect of GM foods on rats, by adding genetically modified soy, a herbicide-resistant Roundup, to the female feed. The results surprised everyone: more than half of the rats in the first generation died, and the second generation did not appear (Ermakova 4). But supporters of GMOs did not intend to retreat and made an own researches. For example, the scientific work of Brake and Evenson. They were devoted to the study of the effect of genetically modified soybean on spermatogenesis in offspring. However, they used a different scheme for feeding female mice and began to feed them with GM soy during pregnancy, and not before mating. In addition, they did not provide evidence that they were using GM-soybeans, but only indicated the place in the field from which the seeds were taken. And, nevertheless, the scientists managed to conduct 8 series of experiments. Some experiments negative affected the genitals and reproductive functions, there was a violation of hormonal balance, infertility, the formation of tumors, and in some cases the death of offspring. In addition, a high level of anxiety and aggression was detected, a maternal instinct violation
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