Essay On Gmos Are Growing Out Of Control

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GMOs Are Growing Out Of Control: For a long time genetically modified organisms (GMOs) had put in food so that they can feed multiple people,although ,those farmers aren’t worried about the quality of food. Over my lifetime, I personally believe that most or even all of the products I’ve consumed have GMO’s in them. The vast industries use GMO’s which they seem to believe are harmless. It starts with animals. Isn’t that strange? So I’ll say it again, it starts with the animals. The main agricultural farmers feed the animals, vegetables that have GMO’s in them. Those GMO’s make the animals over weight and after a while unable to carry their own weight. This shows that the industries care about the demand of the people = fast food,…show more content…
On his adventure, he talked to people from corporations with GMOs to see what they had to say about it. He also called companies to see if they’d tell him if there was any organism in their product. I feel that there should be labels on the produce that contain GMOs, because we all should feel comfortable about what we are putting in our bodies. Commercial Farms use pesticide to kill insects and weeds. The farmers spray stuff like Roundup over the crops to get rid of everything that they don’t want to grow. For a while, those sprays get rid of all the insects and weeds, yet, the weeds and insects adapted to the harsh chemicals in those sprays. So they thought to put the GMOs in them, which made the crops themselves pesticides. The farmers say they use the GMOs so they can feed the world. Ever since agriculture began, there has always been a problem with pests. After World War 2, the chemicals used for warfare were used for fertilizer. In 1992, the FDA says GMOs are safe. 1980 was the year when organisms could finally be pattened. 80% of all processed food has GMOs. Organic Farms refuse to use any type of pesticides or chemicals for their crops. They can make the same amount as commercial. Over 90% of variety crops have vanished. Those variety crops were organic, and organic crops do better than the gmo crops when the weather gets bad. Immense corporations like, Monsanto resist to show the public their three month data on GMOs.
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