Essay On Godzilla Vs. Godzilla

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Oscar Moreno

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla was a Science Fiction/Action movie. This movie was made in 1974, directed by, Jun Fukada. Some of the people in this movie were Hiroshi Koizumi as he was the professor named Wagura. Another person was Beru-Bera Lin as this person played as the princess named Nami Azumi. There was many more who helped make this movie but the main star was Godzilla and Mechagodzilla the two monsters.

The setting was based in a big island name Okinawa Island. Some scientist discovered a statue underground that was named King Caesar. King Caesar is a monster not bad but good. If there was an attack in Okinawa Island by a big monster King Caesar statue would be placed in the correct temple and will awake King Caesar and
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Some of the props were little size dolls that resembled huge monsters. Other props like buildings, cars, mountains, and many more. These props gave an illusion to the person making the props look like 100x bigger than their really are. Humans had to adjust these props using ingenious calculations making this movie incredibly hard to make. This was great as this probably boosted sales due to better graphics and imagery in the movie.

In 2015 the visual effects are amazing but imagine back then. Some special effects needed crazy computers to create explosions, lasers, and more. Special effects used were explosions, morphing, lasers, water splashes, and many to count. Some costumes were needed to be used for special effects like a gorilla mask so the camera can morph it to a human being. Costumes were not really used as much as humans were the most used in the movie and some aliens used metallic like costume to resemble the future. Putting more humans will limit the cost of the film but create more drama and scenes for the entire
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