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I was teleported to another world. Something that I wanted to happen. Earth was boring for me. It was either me being teleported to another world or a fantasy apocalypse happening on earth. You know, spice up life a bit. I should be excited that I am in another world but I am not in my body. Which would have been fine, I didn’t mind being in another body but.

Why a monkey? I mean it’s not even a giant gorilla like a King Kong. No. It’s a ten-inch monkey. White fur and blue skin and blue eyes. My teeth are sharp with two vampiric like fangs.

I know it’s much better than other things that I could have become, like ants. But, a ten – inch monkey isn’t much of a threat but I will just have to deal with it I guess. At least it comes with a couple
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Focus on strength?

Grow wings? Fly?! Is that even possible? Flying monkeys? The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

I feel like something between increasing poison and strength would be the best option. I don’t want to look too threatening. At least in the beginning, so growing horns or something like that is out of the question. I want my enemies and humans who are potential enemies to think of me as a harmless monkey.


What do you have for me monkey? I search through the monkey’s memories. To the monkey’s credit it had survived for a couple of years and through trial and error had figured out what’s dangerous and what’s not.

Let’s work on my poison first, even the mightiest can fall to a strong poison.

The spider? I find one beast or more like an insect that the monkey had once encountered. It was much like the monkey. Tiny and didn’t look threatening. But once the spider had bit the monkey, even he felt a slight pain. Which meant that the spider has a more potent venom than me.

Alright I am going to eat it. I know it will hurt like hell but I will do it anyways, I also know it won’t kill me. I just know.

So, I move, going through this fantasy forest that put the forests on earth to shame. I go towards the
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