Essay On Gothic High Middle Ages

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Throughout time we have all seen through the study of the history of the western world that there has been multiple occasions of corruption, chaos, and reformation in one way or another. What I thought was interesting about the process of change that Rome underwent is that in general the people occupying the land did not seem to be humble as a whole. There were many people who wanted a name for themselves and wanted some sort of authority in the land. “All of them sought a lasting presence and a measure of authority within the changing Roman world.” (The Slow Turn) With a part of the community seeking an authoritative position, a certain image was painted in my mind of the people as an upright and structured group. When I read of the anarchy…show more content…
It was very interesting that by this early time, society organized a series of schools to study specific topics and that they had enough knowledge to teach in a school. “The first universities had different educational emphases. Salerno concentrated on medicine. Bologna on law, and Oxford and Paris on arts and theology. Each was a response to the mass of new information that needed to be explored. “Gothic High Middle Ages). “A great philosopher was born to this era by the name of Thomas Aquinas. His works consisted of analysis of his thoughts and commentary on the work of Aristotle.” (Gothic High Middle Ages 29) Another reason why this chapter drew my eye was because of my passion for philosophy. One of my favorite philosophers of all time would have to be Thomas Aquinas. At first when I was learning about him through this chapter, I was very interested in the fact that he studied philosophy even though he was very deep rooted in his faith. At the beginning of this chapter I came in with the idea that philosophy was merely the use of rational thought and interpretation of the physical world. But as this chapter went one I concluded that philosophy can be used to strengthen and validate beliefs in the spiritual sense; they may
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