Essay On Great War Propaganda

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This time in history, not-ironically called the Great War, was basically marked by putting mass in front of many invaluable terms, such as mass society, mass culture, mass production, mass mobilization and mass consumption. Mass culture was spread by the rising amount of propaganda utilized during this time. Propaganda in the Great War was an imperative part for the development of support, more specifically nationalism, which lead to a great amount of success for certain countries. Culture was shifting during this time due to skyrocketing popularity of radio and film. These technological advances made it easier for the views of the elite, and those in power, to spread their views to all citizens, as even radios had a place in most homes. The popularity of the radio was common regardless of class situation, which is very rare. The radio also lead mass…show more content…
This supports the fact that people enjoyed being informed, even though the ‘news’ featured on the radio they were hearing resembled more of advertising than anything else. This ties into mass-production. This time era was shortly after the Industrial Revolution, which means the factories had time to improve on previous issues and make industry as efficient as possible at the time. Industry produced goods at a much more rapid rate than previously, which made radios be made more available on the market, along with automobiles. The famous Henry Ford’s mass production of Ford vehicles also displays this consumption. Ford vehicles were rising in demand, and highly desired throughout the US during this time. As the assembly line was being perfected, production increased and prices sank. This lead to even greater mass consumption. After the Great War the entire world seemed to be on a path of competing for the ‘biggest and best’ items and governments possible, in the least amount of
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