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spirations of its young population. India is one of the youngest nations in the world where the ratio of youth is higher in its population, with more than 54% of the entire population under 25 years of age and over 62% of the population inside the working age group (15-59) in According to the census 2011India}. The country’s population pyramid is anticipated to bulge across the 15-59 age groups over the next decade. This demographic advantage is predicted to last only until 2040. A World Bank report states that India is one of the few countries where working population continues to grow till 2050 [7]. With an annual addition of 9.25 million jobs per year, over 37 million jobs are expected to be created from 2012-13 through 2016-17 [8].…show more content…
There have been efforts on the part of the state and Centre government through Ministry of Rural improvement to skill and train youths under diverse government schemes. However, most of those schemes are restrained to the youths beneath Poverty Line (BPL). There should be equal opportunities for all the people residing in rural areas. Every job aspirant should be given equal importance and would be given training in soft skills to lead a proper and decent life. For the Balanced growth in all the sectors the Goal of national policy and programs on skill improvement have has to diversification of economic activities, minimizing the dependence of rural households on agriculture and bringing approximately a sizable increase in the share in both output and employment of allied activities, rural industries, business and provider components of the agricultural economic system.
To bring about a fast and sustainable economic development thru diverse reforms, the rural development initiatives should sharply cognizance on human’s participation and rural corporations as the key attributes for their success followed through equally important elements, idea of integrated development, growth center technique, planning process technique, communication system to
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