Essay On Gun Control Issue

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In 2006, most problematic about a controversial topic in the United States is gun control issue. This yeas of The United States presidential campaign, Democrats are get full force and confidence to supports gun control an election year issue. In American history gun is a symbol of freedom and independence because Americans have a gun to defend the faith and gained, to protection of individuals rose to defend the regime independence. However, until now for gun control has no clear specific conclusion because in American society the debates on the issue are not abolition of the right to hold a weapon, but governments need to adjust the tightness of the barrel and how to adjust. Then until now, the United States of guns is not accurate to state…show more content…
However, officers’ shooting deaths up 79 percent from last year, that mean we have seen this new too much time this year, police officer use positive to protect our community. Furthermore, the social give them feedback is killed or injured. Even though, constitution set citizens have freedom to control gun, but are not an equality for everyone. According to the book information, conflict between liberty and security we need to choose security more than freedom. We know a debate over gun control has intensified likewise Democracy also wants placing power in the hands of the people. We need to know the conflict never had stopped for real. I think expanding influence of certain groups can stop to support gun control. Consequently, some people want to reprisal police officer, they think they have a gun, if officer violating human rights I can shoot. In this case, I will give advance is do not promote freedom moreover ignoring personal safety and the prevention of conflict incidents. If we have strict gun control, maybe imply police officer not killed and injured. Next, gun control will reduce terrorists will be an opportunity. On June 12, 2016 a
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