Essay On Gun Related Shootings

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President Barack Obamas wants to change the current gun policy here in the states.
Gun related deaths and injuries have been happening for too long on a regular basis. Obamas plan is to focus on a few topics, which is gun sales, mental health and school safety.

Changes are needed
Last year around 13.286 people suffered from a gun related death. This includes mass shootings which occurred 372 times that year. We have to stop whatever we are doing and just take a brief second to think about one thing. “Do you really want your kids to grow up in a place where fear is a reality in your everyday lives?”

I am sure whoever I ask this question will have the same answer, of course none of us want to live a life being afraid, so what is the answer?
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We should all be required to have a medical check in case of any mental disorders and then you should apply for your firearms certificate. With this methode we would be 99% certain, that the average Joe next door isn’t going to commit a mass shooting with his newly acquired semi-automatic rifle.

The second amendment
I know this is a big deal for many gun enthusiasts and almost half the population of the United States. We have always had the right to be armed. It is in our nature and a big part of our culture. We live in the land of the free and YES we should be free and able to do whatever we want, as long as we do not hurt the people who live among us.

I am against guns as the law stands and how gun control are dealt with. But I am not against our right to own and use guns. It has always been a part of us and should continue to be. We just have to make sure the process of getting a firearms certificate can separate the bad “seeds” and make sure we can feel safe just as we want to.
Take a stand
Whether you like President Barack Obama as a president or not is irrelevant, I just want YOU to think about how doing a few extra papers and getting a doctors appointment before getting a firearms license might save dusin of
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