Essay On Halloween Costumes

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Seventeen people were fatally shot during the halloween weekend in Chicago in 2016. Among them was a 14 year old high school student. Due to the issues surrounding Halloween, some schools are taking drastic preventative measures to implement Halloween policies. These could be offensive, pose a security risk, be hazardous and high school students are too old for Halloween costumes anyway. No wonder why so many high schools will adopt the Halloween costumes policy. Some costumes are offensive because they reveal too much and/or demean a race, religion, handicaps or genders. Costumes with masks and heavy makeup could disguise a person’s identity hence it pose a security risk. Other costumes could be just as dangerous because they pose a health risk. Though the policy was created to protect the students, many believe that it takes away their freedom of choice, stifling their creativity and frankly take the fun out of halloween.
Once the students’ creativity Some of the halloween costumes are offensive. According to the results of a national survey, 88% of the students said someone else’s halloween costume offended them. Earl Kinsington who is a community member and a taxpayer said “Last year I saw a young lady dressed wearing a nun’s hat, but her body was barely covered by a black dress that looked like it was designed to fit a 1st grader’s.” Her outfit violated the dress code but it made a mockery of the Catholic religion and degrading to women.
While some costumes cover too
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