Essay On Hamlet And Revenge

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Losing someone can cause you to do unspeakable things, in the heat of the moment grief can fuel the need for revenge, but an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. In William Shakespeare's Hamlet and ‘Gladiator’ directed by Riley Scott both antagonists fuel the protagonists to seek revenge. Hamlet's quest for revenge is initiated by the death of his father in the same way that Maximus’ revenge began with the death of his wife and son.

Hamlets plot for revenge begins with the demise of his father. “ So art thou to revenge when thou shall hear.” 1.5.25 In this quote Hamlet discovers the ghost is his father and his death was murder. Once hamlet is made aware of who the murder is the ghost then helps him plan how he will get his comeuppance towards his uncle. This scene is a stepping stone to the plot due to the fact Hamlet discovers that he is talking to his father and that he must avenge his father's death. The ghost enlightens hamlet to information he otherwise would not have known. Hamlet begins to act differently in order to follow through on his plan. “ though this is madness, yet there is method in’t” 2.2.195. Hamlet gives off a fake persona in which he is insane, well knowing no one would suspect him to be a murder. Hamlet uses this knowledge to outsmart most of Denmark allow the loss of his father to be his reasoning towards how he is now mad. Hamlet was extremely close to his father knowing he was murdered forced hamlet to take action similarly Maximus lives only for
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