Essay On Hand Eczema

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Hand eczema is a disease that takes place in the integumentary system. This disease is known to cause people to become emotionally and physically distressed. Some patients in this study that has this disease has gotten it before the age of 20 and between the age of 40-59. Hand eczema can start out as a not so bad disease to a severe sickness. It’s really nothing to mess with especially if you’ve never heard of this disease or wouldn’t think you’d ever get it. Hand eczema can cause you to stay home from work, disability, and mainly just change your life completely because it got really bad and there was nothing to do for it. Hand eczema has two factors and they are endogenous and exogenous. There was a study of this disease that had patients tell their side of having the disease and how some had to stay home from work and how bad it changed some of their lives. The study is really neat to hear about and even probably watch. They would use the fingertips, fingers, palms, back of hands, and wrist to get the results for the study. They use a scale on every part they used to see how much skin or even no skin was…show more content…
This study was taken place at a hospital in South Indiana and they wanted to go beyond the study that had already taken place back then. They figured out that people with this disease were housewives, manual labourers, etc. Also you didn’t even have to be employed to get hand eczema. They used men and women to be an example for this experiment to see who would get affected with the disease mainly. Men tend to have a higher risk of having hand eczema most likely due to working a lot and being apart of a factory. Women had got the hand eczema earlier than men due to doing housewive things. But regardless both men and women are going to get it, men doesn’t just get it or women doesn’t just get
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