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The history of plywood industry in India is old. It is more than 75 years that this industry was started here on a very modest scale. It was in the year 1906-07 that plywood was imported in India for the first time-valued at Rs.32 lacs. Imports rose steadily and by 1924-25 it were worthRs.90 lacks. Tea Industry in Assam, West Bengal and Kerala was steadily developing and it was thought that plywood industry in the form of Tea Chests production mainly for export should be developed. Accordingly two plywood factories were started in Assam in 1923-24 but their development was steady and slow and not phenomenal. These were the pioneers and there forcefulness and courage shown by them in the early stages
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• To understand the organization structure and working of various functional departments.

• To analyze overall performance of the company.

• Understanding Supply chain management of Hari Om Plywood.

• To understand the extent to which management theory matches with actual practiced.

• To Study dealers satisfaction on product of Hari Om Ply w.r.t. other plywood product in market.


• To collect and analyze the sales data of various plywood industry in India with reference to Hari Om plywood in Vadodara city of last five years.

• For this purpose secondary data from the published sources and the dealers is collected.

• To carry out market survey of dealers and vendors perception for the use of plywood. Data is collected through a structured questionnaire.

• Comparing marketing strategies of Century ply, Green ply, Kit ply, Archid Ply, Sharda ply with reference to Hari Om ply for increase in sales of
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