Essay On Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

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Conventions of fantasy genre are evident in various set texts. A text that has this genre is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, written by J.K Rowling and the film is directed by Chris Columbus. For a text to be considered fantasy genre, its setting, plot, characters and themes need to have certain elements. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets consist of all of these fantasy elements. The purpose of my essay is to explain how the conventions of fantasy genre are evident in the film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The storyline of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets starts out with Harry Potter the main character, living in the Dursley’s house. Harry had a hard time staying in the Dursley’s house because he was not…show more content…
Harry starts out in the non magical land which is where the Dursleys house lies and then ends up in the country land which is full of magic, which is where the Ron’s house and Hogwarts lies which has lots of magical things happening in it. In the start of the movie, it shows that Harry is living in the city type land where there is no magic to be found, but as we go on in the movie it shows that Ron is rescuing Harry from the Dursleys house to take him back to Hogwarts. They get to Hogwarts by a flying car and when they arrive Harry is greeted which with lots of magical things such as plates flying around, the dishes washing themselves up etc. The technique used to show conventions of fantasy genre in the setting was the extreme wide shots and the mid shot, the extreme wide shot technique was used when they showed that Harry was living in a city type land, they also used the extreme wide shot when Ron and Harry arrived at the countryside land which was where Ron's house lied. They also used the mid shot technique when Harry entered Ron's house and saw that the house was full of magic. This allows the audience to see where Harry was first living which was with the Dursleys and then when he was rescued by Ron we could see that harry ended up at Hogwarts which was where Harry would much prefer to stay. This shows that the movie follows the fantasy genre as
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