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Hate Crime. Why is it a social injustice? It can be defined as a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice. Hate crimes are aimed mainly towards a group of people who usually have a distinctive feature different than another group. Hate crimes aren’t necessarily based off hate, but more relative to a bias of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. Hcrimes are causing many problems in the US because it is encouraging the thought of a superior race, they have many connections to terrorism, and the impacts they have on victims.
In the late 1700's through early 1900, the thought of the white being a superior race in the US was common. This can also be thought of a superior group of people which means there has to be a group affected by this. After the Civil Rights movement, when discrimination towards any group of people was demolished, Hate crimes started to occur. If you were asked to define someone that practices the thought of a superior race, would you have even known that there was a word let alone know the word? Probably not. Aversive Racists are defined as “people who unconsciously discriminate against different minority groups” according to the article Aversive Racism. The article New York Times, Hate Crime, expands the idea of aversive racism by saying, “Joel Kovel speaks of the ‘aversive racist’ who believe in white superiority.” Aversive can be clearly found as the main source for promoting the idea of a superiority because it’s what they

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