Essay On Hate Crime

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News #1
Nasser Kurdy was stabbed in the neck from behind with a knife. The police report this is a hate crime. Kurdy was a muslim that helped treat people after the Manchester attack. Muslims are experiencing more and more hate crime in the UK. This is effecting the United states. The United States has had a lot of hate crime towards everything from sexuality to race and religion beliefs. If this keeps going on in the Uk or anywhere in the world for that matter then a lot of people will be turning on each other. There will be more riots and protest.
News #2
The sky turned an unusually shade of red on Monday, October 16. People are blaming Hurricane Ophelia for the sky turning the unusually shade. The powerful winds blew in sand from the Sahara desert. Smoke from the wildfires in Portugal and Spain are also coming in. This debri isn't good for the environment already and this is effecting the United States by having all that debri in the air. This could especially be bad in the future if kids now are breathing in all the bad smoke in the air and they could get sick from it.
News #3
When Britain decided to leave the European Union that put billions of dollars the country has received from foreign students, those who increasingly are choosing to study in the U.S. or another english speaking nations. The UK is the second most popular place for international students, who contributed more than $33 billion to the U.K.’s economy in 2014-15. This is affecting the students who wanna

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