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Hate Crime is by far an act of violation against Human Rights. Many people who are victims of a Hate Crime ended up getting themselves harm based upon their own beliefs, religions, races, and etc. In the United States, the strongest issue among Hate Crime is racism. This issue have been on-going for a very long time and should have been suspended by now. Sadly, many people do not want to accept these new phrases and continue to hold on to their tradition. Thus, allowing these offenders to harm others due to their race. The white supremacists express their hatred through the act of protesting. It is heartbreaking to see many innocent people being harmed by the protestors. In fact, many photographers have taken photos of these victims and protesters. In many of these photos, their faces express either an anguish or tears running down through their cheeks. The photographers posted these photos online and expressed them as anti-hate crime. Then, many artists took the idea of anti-hate crime and expressed their views of it. In fact, they wanted to show the world how cruel hate crime is by presenting their artwork. Michael D’Autono, a famous artist, created a painting that relates to anti-hate crime called “A Tale of Two Hoodies”. Michael designed this artwork by using oil on canvas during 2012. This advertisement shows a white police officer and a young black boy standing right in front of each other. The police officer is dress in his casual uniform and is wearing his white Ku

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