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The issue of hate crimes in America has become more prominent in recent years. Social media has brought light to the issue and magnified it. Hate crimes are generally defined as human rights violations, which are classified by an infringement of the basic rights that people are given, largely in the United States of America. Hate crime laws are not as strong as they ought to be, due to the vast misunderstanding of what a hate crime is and what effects it has. Many people misinterpret hate crimes, and come to the conclusion that they are similar to hate speech, or that hate crimes are a minor form of discrimination. This is one of the reasons why hate crimes are not taken as seriously as they ought to be. This is why there ought to be…show more content…
The law made the enforcement incredibly difficult, with a very slow process of penalizing the perpetrators of hate crimes. It adds not only time to the process, but adds more steps for the crime to possibly be mishandled, which could lead to the case being thrown out.
In time, it became increasingly obvious that there was a problem with the inefficiency of the system. There became a necessity to form a group that could take on the assignment of sorting through the information and data given. A special force called the Uniform Crime Reporting program was then established (FBI, para. 12). The many processes that surround hate crime data collection make it increasingly difficult to keep logical and accurate data of real-time hate crimes being logged each year. The FBI collects data on the number and types of hate crimes committed each year. Subsequently, the FBI only takes numbers from a fraction of the law enforcement precincts in the entire country (Federal Bureau of Investigation). This makes the numbers that they receive less accurate, and the recorded participants are simply too small of a margin to be able to glean real, accurate data from. In 2015, the FBI collected data from 14,977 law enforcement precincts (Federal Bureau of Investigation, para. 7). The fact that only a small number of precincts in the country report hate crimes to the federal government is a major indication of the weak

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