Essay On Hate In The World

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Why so much hate in the world? Why can’t people just understand that the world is not just a bad place? Why are video games such an addiction? Well, maybe I can just simply tell you the answers. Hate is in the world because of violent video games. They tend to pay attention on the screen and the screen only and apparently, they tend to not blink. Well, in order to not get their eyes messed up, they mentally have to remind themselves to blink every twenty minutes. However, when they blink, they have to blink for exactly twenty seconds while not having their eyes on the screen. Did you know that when gamers are playing, that their blink rate is fifty percent when they are concentrating on their games. But the question is why are the gamers addicted to the video games? The answer is…show more content…
There is no chance. Unless, well they don’t play as much time as an obsessive gamer. You know, the problem is with getting rid of the games when they're told, they won’t know what else to do besides the disruptive games. There is plenty to do like for an example, reading, working out, learning a new language, building something, maybe they can take just take a walk... See, that is something to do, they just don’t want to think about what they can do. Some parents blame schools because of violence. Yet, the school shootings start because of violent video games. Even with violent video games suicidal things can go on to. When kids don’t get rid of video games, the parent’s of the student, get’s letters from the teachers saying that the academic student has received D’s and F’s in every single class. You are going to sit there and tell me that, that problem is NOT because of the video games. What if you came home and you saw that personally your family brutally murdered caused from video games. As in a metaphor. That would suck wouldn't it? Hear me out on this,
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