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In order to advance the quality care which is supplied and to meet the needs of each individual globally and also locally, standards, targets and also the objectives of the current health and social care systems within society are constantly being altered. The fact that everything continues to change within the health and social care systems and also practises, this has a knock on effect towards the Government’s targets, standards and also their objectives causing them to change. Due to all of these changes this means that there have been major improvements to do with the health and social care systems and also to the care which is being provided. What is a Standard?…show more content…
The five outcomes are as follows: •to be healthy •to stay safe •to enjoy and achieve •to make a positive contribution •to achieve economic wellbeing. The table which is situated below shows examples of the different targets and objectives which are outlined by Every Child Matters. Target Objective Promote Health and Well-being In order to make sure that every child’s health is the main priority, the child’s health and their well-being may be conserved by stress management programmes and also making sure that healthy eating programmes are applied within school. Staying Safe The safety of a child is the most important aspect. Through various schemes like peer mentoring this will help to reduce the amount of bullying and in return will make the child feel safer. Promote good health Another important aspect of a child’s life is good health, therefore this should be promoted. Various campaigns can in fact inform children and people about the health and social care which are available to

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