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A Proposed Healthcare Development: A Step Down Unit
I have brought forward a plan that has been developed with the purpose to promote successful discharges of senior patients who have been admitted to the hospital because they have suffered from an acute illness. My unit will be focused on how to support recovery to the patient’s best possible health status promoting seniors’ opportunities to return to their home after an acute hospitalization. I believe that this development design framework will be a successful planning template for creating medical step down unit. The first section of this paper discusses the description of the proposed unit including a mission statement, prioritized values, and an organizational chart depicting how all
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The S.O.S unit mission and value statement is as follows: We are dedicated to provide compassionate, ethical based care to every patient regardless of ethnic, cultural, and religious beliefs. Through inspiration, motivation and encouragement, we guide our patients journey of healing by encouraging active participation in their own recover process. Together as a unified group, we will achieve the goals of returning patients to their optimal health status. Our vision is to offer care in a holistic environment using evidence based care with a focus on ongoing education and skill modification in field of nursing and rehabilitation.
The purpose of the mission statement is to guide the organization, validating its presence while contributing towards the development and implementation of strategic plans that support the organization as a whole (Macedo, Pinho, & Silva, 2016). The mission statement would be developed by a selected group of people prior to the opening of the unit. The mission statement will be used to benchmark the expected outcome of how the staff deliver care, positive encouragement, and strong decision-making skills (Macedo, Pinho, & Silva, 2016). It is crucial that the mission statement
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